Relais de Paris

Located in the heart of the coast of Casablanca, Relais de Paris is a restaurant with a chic bistro
atmosphere, where the conviviality of the place and the elegance of the decoration blend together. It
is a prestigious address with an exceptional setting.
Our restaurant consists of an interior lounge whose decoration reminds us of the most luxurious
Parisian breweries. This space is ideal for your business meals, your meetings with friends, or with
Not to mention the terrace with its breathtaking view that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the
sun and the warmth of the Casablanca evenings.
In addition to being a safe bet, Relais de Paris is your reference restaurant in French gastronomy.


Would you like to share a friendly moment and an exceptional dish in good company? You are
therefore at the best address in the city of Casablanca.
Our menu will take you on a journey through the different cuisines of the world. A variety of meat,
fish and seafood dishes will be at your disposal. As a fully-fledged brewery, Relais de Paris offers
traditional dishes made with fresh and highly-qualified products.

Scaling Bench

Like any luxury brewery, the scaling bench is an integral part of our restaurant.
As one of our particularities, the Scaling Bank offers you a rich and diversified selection of seafood
and shellfish.
Oysters, prawns and diverse seafood products are carefully prepared to be enjoyed in the interior
lounge and/or on the sunny terrace of our restaurant.


Wine is an extraordinary call to travel. With Relais de Paris restaurant, come and discover a multitude of destinations where you will travel and taste their favorite grape varieties.

Wines of France

All over the world, the name of this country evokes wine. France holds the first
place in world production (or sometimes the 2nd after Italy… depending on the crops), but the
French grape varieties remain a reference for the whole world and have inspired vineyards from all
over the world. Our menu will take you to different regions: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône Valley and

Wines of Morocco

Known for a long time for its viticulture activity, Morocco now produces great
wines that have received medals at several international meetings. Our restaurant has a varied
selection of Moroccan wines (Red, rosé, grey and white). Among our selection: Epicuria Cabernet
Sauvignon, Château Roslane AOC hillsides of the atlas…

Wines of the world

Take your palate to Latin America with an Argentine Malbec or a Cabernet
Sauvignon from Chile… or a short detour to Spain or Italy, which are still essential reference


Wine is a teacher of taste, he is the liberator of the mind and the illuminator of intelligence.


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