Pasta/ Rice

  • Linguine with seafood, fresh tomatoes and basil
  • Penne with Gambas and small vegetables
  • bolognese Spaghetti
  • Squid and Prawns Risotto
  • Ravioli with cheeses lightly gratinated
  • Black pasta with seafood
  • The revival of homemade crab stewed in Provençal style


  • Grilled monkfish skewer, mashed potatoes in olive oil, virgin sauce
  • Sea bream gratin, market discoveries
  • Grilled Saint Pierre, fricassee of seasonal vegetables
  • Salmon with red label, green asparagus
  • Plancha swordfish, fricassee of seasonal vegetables
  • Grilled lobster, fricassee of seasonal vegetables
  • Wolf steak, mashed potatoes in olive oil, virgin sauce
  • Monkfish fricassee, Basmati rice

Meat dishes

  • Beef stewed with wild mushrooms, mashed potatoes
  • Duck breast with green pepper, potatoes and artichokes
  • Confit of duck, sautéed potatoes, artichokes and candied tomatoes
  • Roasted chicken half with herbs gratin dauphinois
  • Beef fillet with black pepper (flambéed with cognac)
  • Beef fillet Florentine style (rockets, parmesan, dried tomatoes)
  • Mini burgers, fresh fries
  • Roasted chateaubriand, shallots and candied garlic, Lyonnaise style apples
  • Grilled rib steak, Fresh French fries
  • Grilled Beef Fillet, Fresh French Fries and Béarnaise Sauce